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OUR Fall Décor Store

offers some fall décor things , today  you just might find what you need here or a few extras. Pumpkins of all sizes, goards, cronstalks= fodder,  straw bales, a selection of farm and ranch theme T- shirts from Complex Appalachian Apparel or nice Ferrell Farm / Farmers Daughter  Tee's.    


Weekdays we only offer  packaged snack foods &    Hot and cold beverages.  WEEKENDS : We have  Ray Clevenger of Rays Dogs & Catering  to serve you  tasty creations way beyond a hot dog . We can not garentee they will always be open when you come but it is our goal.  You can order from Pizza plus with us and we will have it delivered to our concession stand so you can still enjoy good food and our grounds.

Weddings at Ferrell Farm 

We will rent the grounds to you  May to Sep. out of maze season dates ( other times may be negotiable) for  $800.00 this includes wedding day rental for up to 50 guests, guest list above 50 will increase the charge to $ 200 more  for use from 9 am to 9 pm the day of the wedding beyond 9 pm is an additional $50 per hour. 

ABC is permitted  with ABC insurance purchased by you, that runs about $200.  Contracts and a deposit of half the fee will be due at booking to hold dates. 

 Reception space, and a pre wedding day rehearsal and use of reception space for a rehearsal dinner if you desire that are included .  We will offer you your choice of any and all décor we have we have ( we are building a Portfolio of items) a selection of core wedding items and other furniture pieces at no extra charge. Any décor you desire that we do not have you will have to provide.  We will be offering the renovated Rustic barn, pre planned space in the corn is possible,  a small location at the edge of the maze field against the trees and a large flat field behind the barn are all  upcoming current options, later  we will open up access to fields with grander views.   We can work with you to  help you visualize what is doable  happily at no cost  and for additional fees relocate or add something's depending on your vision.  We do have running water and handicap restrooms at the reception site and near the other mentioned sights the reception room is open air no AC and we currently have no changing rooms. You will find this is a great accessible location for a county elegant wedding.  A few references can be provided from past wedding and receptions held here.  We look forward to helping you.