Ferrell Farm Events 
The Farmer's Daughter Maze 
  Cebelarating 10 years of being out-standing in our field  

 Unhaunted Corn Maze, Weddings, Parties, and Reunions

    The Farmer's Daughter Maze & Events At Ferrell Farm



Corn maze,  Fall Decor Store, Haunted BARN & TRAIL,

Corn Maze Always  un haunted

except on  Oct. 26th & 27th  at dark this year.   

Saturday 2 pm to 12 am

Sunday 2 pm to 6pm 

ages 15 and under will need an adult age 18 and up parent, guardian/ chaperon. I. D. may be required ( we are sorry this policy is for the enjoyment and safety of all visitors) 

Maze Tickets $6 per person

School  Groups of  12 or more are $6 per child  the teachers, needed chaperones and drivers are free. With the smaller headstart kids we charge the same but we allow the parents or grandparents to attend free with them. ( call and we will make a plan to fit your needs. 

ages 3 and under free 

Maze Ticket Includes

Corn Maze

Wagon Ride around Maze

Animal Petting Zoo 


Yard Games

Access to Grounds for Photography

  Private or Simi Private out of maze season Parties or on weekdays  are $100.  for any room and use of grounds, Usage time form 9 am. to 9 pm.

Parties in maze season Sep.8 to Nov. 4th 2018  

In maze season parties in the main room are available in two time slots and 

2 pm to 6 pm /room available at 1.30  to decorate ( possibly earlier if needed) 

7 pm to 11 pm /room available at 6.30 to decorate  

Small Party Package:  $150 .00  

Room fee, Parents Free, birthday child free, 4 grandparents free, and 12 maze passes for adults or kids.  ( additional maze passes are $6 per person) all party guest have free use of  amenities such as putt put, petting zoo,one wagon ride, yard games, parking, playground, 

the room host 40-50 comfortably inside overflow may use put door tables just outside the party room in good weather it has a indoor outdoor flow. indoor room will share space with the concession area  it 10 small rectangle tables 30 folding chairs 2 church pews and a lage wood counter on barrels for food,ceiling fans, heat use of  fridge and sink in moderation, no AC.please keep parties to around 60 guests in maze season or cold weather. 

Out Door Barn Room Same party package  $120.  

Large Party package in Main indoor room  $250 same as small package but with 24 maze passes. 

Large Party package for Barn room with 24 Maze passes $220.00 same amenities as small  party package.

we hate to raise prices form the past but we have to cover our expenses the nice new additions we have for you to enjoy were costly.  We feel we have provided options to plan a nice party or event for a large majority of customers and hope you continue to see the value in booking your events with us. Thank you.

Haunted Attractions

  IMPORTANT .........HAUNT CANCELED. Share please. We regret to announce we made the hard decision that for 2018 we will offer no haunted attraction as we had planned. Several factors have played a part in this decision. Here are some of the reasons, Major reason is our corn has not weathered the season well and we planned a corn field haunt. We want to offer you a great haunt like our past years and we do not feel we can offer a quality experience for you due to corn, our crazy weather and some crucial staff illness. We will reevaluate our haunted options in 2019. We are known for producing a quality fun haunt and we want to keep it that way when we do one. Thank you for you past and continued support. Critterville and Tazewell fair grounds have haunts this season.

New party room

We offer  two party room rentals  one main  indoor  room out of maze season for  private to simi private grounds is $100.00 9 am to 9 pm.( see maze season parties)  indoor room will share space with the concession area  it offers 8 4 ft rectangle tables  32 folding chairs 2 church pews two 6 ft rectangle folding tables for food, and gifts, one L shaped wooden bar  for food on wine barrels. celling fans only,  gas heat, use of fridge and sink in moderation,  

 Room  #2 is  in a Barn Shed  during maze season $120  offers  lights, power, its open air offers 3 plastic bench style picnic tables, one church pew a small 4 ft gift table and a folding table sor food two picnic tables if needed and straw bale seats note it can be drafty ( these book up fast !) if you do the maze  and hay ride expect to pay  $6 per person in addition to room fees.  Just the Wagon ride for parties  is $2 per person extra if we have to make special arrangements to do it.  ( if we are doing other wagon rides party guest can ride one time free. )  We offer these  sites  may to sept. You will get the entire grounds to your self during that time.