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 Unhaunted Sweet Sorghum Maze Sep.-Nov., Weddings, Parties, and Reunions

    The Farmer's Daughter Maze & Events At Ferrell Farm



Corn maze,  Fall Decor Store, Haunted BARN & TRAIL,

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 Schools, Groups, Headstarts

our  place loves groups!  Weekdays are bookable.

We will Cater  to your needs as best we can. We can offer  just a turn them loose and have fun day or a more structured plan with an opportunity to craft and item & a talk on what we grow and raise here .With  a short wagon ride.  Groups of  12 or more are $6 per child  the  teachers  needed chaperones and drivers are free. with the smaller headstart kids we charge the same but we allow the parents or grandparents to attend free with them. call and we will make a plan to fit your needs. 

Pumpkin Patch

Yes we have one its one acre .THEY are just  growing on the VINES in a separate field so we do not have pick your own from the vine.  We harvest the  pumpkins and bring them to the maze for your family to choose the ones you like.  large $8, med. $5, small $2  If you just want to bring you or children pick a pumpkin in the displays its free entry to purchase pumpkins.

  we grew no corn fodder for sale this season.